Thursday, 18 January 2018

Pastel heart card for grandmother


How are you? How's your week going? I'm busy with some of my craft projects however I do have some issues :(. Unfortunately it looks like my Sizzix Big shot Plus cutting machine is slowly giving up :(. And honestly I'm really disappointed as I'm not using it that much and I've only bought it about 5 months ago :(. Really, really disappointing. I've heard a lot about the problems with the bearing but I though it is only a problem when machine is used a lot... so I guess temporarily I'm coming back to my old, always working, Cuttlebug :) and probably shortly I will be looking for a A4 replacement for this Sizzix rubbish :(.

But let's get back to today's card! Again something for grandparents! actually for grandmother :). Very lovely, pastel and a wee bit shiny card with beautiful heart. Look at the flower paper- I've tried to do few pictures from different angles so you can easily see the shiny elements. It look slightly like chameleon effect! Really nice! As usual I've used white card base from Craft UK Ltd that I've decorated with Trimcraft papers. In the centre I've cut out bigger heart shape so it will make a beautiful frame for smaller heart with the Crafty moly stamp. Finally I've added cute foam roses I got from ebay long time ago and finished it off with leaves from Creative expressions die.

What do you think? :)

Monday, 15 January 2018

Brown and turquoise card for grandfather


Hope you had a good weekend! Mine was a wee bit short as I was working on Saturday... but I still managed to do a lot! Not crafting though but a lot of other important things that I was meant to do since couple of days. So I'm quite happy for the work done!

Today just quick post as I wanted to show you this card I've made for grandfather's day which we will celebrate in my home country on the 22nd of January :). 

To make this card I've used card base from CraftUK Ltd, which I've decorated with brown and turquoise paper from Galeria Papieru (bought from Na strychu). Then I've added wooden themed paper from Trimcraft that I've cut out with Crealites stitched nested square die. On the small square I used stamp from Crafty moly. As a final touch I added some studs and few brown/beige and turquoise flowers from I am roses and Wild Orchid Crafts. Little leaves are from Martha Stewart hand punch made out of pearlised paper from Paperconcept.

Hope you like it!

Monday, 8 January 2018

Card for grandparents


How was your weekend? :) Mine a wee bit lazy as I just came back from Christmas brake and needed weekend to get back to reality.

Today I wanted to show you card for Grandparents that I've made just before Christmas as very shortly in my home country we do celebrate Grandmother and Grandfather day :).

To make it I used purple paper from Galeria Papieru and beige with dots from Studio75. Then I've cut out figures of grandma and grandpa with papers from paperconcept. Next I've printed digi stamp from jolagg and placed it at the bottom of the card. Finally I used few drops of Nuovo pearls from Tonic Studios.

Hope you like it!

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Welcome little one star card

Hello in 2018!

How was your New Year's eve? :) Mine was super cool! I've spend it with my husband and our friends at the sea side! over 8 hours in a train each way but it was worth it! :) I honestly love sea! especially the sea sough and the waves... it is so peaceful and relaxing! :)

Anyway... back to paperwork :). Today I wanted to show you cute card for little Wojtuś that I've made just before christmas. To make this card I used two different sets of Galeria Papieru star papers, then I've added pearlised blue and silver paper from Paperconcept. At the centre I wanted to use this cute baby boy digi stamp by janet. Finally I finished it off with Nuovo pearl drops from Tonic studios.

Hope you like it! Let me know!

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

cute Christmas tree card


Hope you all had a great Christmas! :) I had fabulous time at home with my family, really enjoy it! :) 

Today quickly I wanted to show you one more Christmas card I've made. It was a wee bit harder to make this one as I really wanted to use this cute christmas tree paper and as it is so colorful and very decorative it was really hard to choose different paper that will match and wouldn't be too much. But I think I've dealt with it quite well! :)

So to make this card I've used white card base and enveloper from Craft UK Ltd. , then I've add white with christmas tree and eco brown paper from Galeria Papieru. Then I've decorated edges with red frill cut from Paperconcept paper and cut out Christmas shed. Next I've used Galeria Papieru stripe to cut out cute christmas tree and printed text. I also used Memory Box stitched poinsettia die to cut out red flower. Finally I've added some wooden stars and few drops of different colours Nuovo pearl drops from Tonic Studio

What do you think? Let me know! :)
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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Little story how it all started :)


I know it will be really strange as its almost a year since I've started this blog... but I just realised I actually never introduce myself and never told you who I am, what I am doing, how it all started and many other things! So really sorry for that and I will quickly catch up now!

As you already know from my site brief introduction I'm Magda and I'm living in London. However I'm originally from Poland. When I was 19yo I left Poland to study in Edinburgh, UK. I've spend there few years and even though I really liked Edi the weather up there was horrible. I can seriously count on fingers of my 1 (ONE) hand days that I could actually wear shorts within 6 years I've been there. So imagine the rest! Of course there were nice days but mainly clouds or rain and highest of 18 degrees. Then at one point me and my fiance at the time decided to move to London. And it all starts here.

I've always been rather DIY person. Since I was teenager I was always first to take screwdriver and assembly IKEA furniture at home and do little more scrap related DIY. So when I actually start planning our wedding I knew I would love to do as much as possible by myself. About 1,5 year before the big day I've already planned wedding invitations! I didn't have a clue how to do them, what craft tools I will need or how to start but I was so excited that shortly after I started gathering necessary essentials (and quickly I found how little I knew what was classified as "essential" and I ended up with a lot of rubbish that I never needed! 😜).

On my first trip to Hobby Craft I bought Sizzix Big Shot machine as I though it is so cool and I will be able to do so much on it. The same day when I opened the box I realized how silly I was. I knew nothing about machine, bought it thinking I will be able to do all stuff straight away and imagine my silly disappointment when I found out machine comes with no cutting dies at all and each cost between £5-10! Quickly I've decided that due to complete lack of experience I'm actually too "new" to crafting to own the machine and returned it back to the shop! Instead I bought great X-cut guillotine that I still have and still adore! Rough beginning isn't it? :)

Then there was a time when I completely focus on my own wedding and preparation. I've made my wedding invitations, Love is sweet banner and all little badges for sweet table, menus, table plan, instruction how to use Instax, drink menu, place cards and many others! (I will show you few pictures at the end! :) ) And I need to admit I loved it! and what made me so proud was that all our quests were under huge impression and they really like it! So once my wedding past I just couldn't stop crafting :). I've started to do simple birthday cards now and then for my friends and family and suddenly I had so many occasions to do more and more!

And few months later I decided to buy cutting machine again but this time I knew how to use it and what accessories I needed (or maybe I was more aware of how much money I will start spending on cutting dies! It's really addictive you know?!). This time I bought cute green Cuttlebug as it was so compact and relatively cheap :). And roughly here the next part of my story began and it continue up till now :). I'm fully addicted to scrapbooking and I do have my beloved craft corner in the living room filled with much stash, papers, chipboards, ribbons, cutting dies and all other craft essentials :).

How did your scrap story began? Share in comment if you want! :)

Finally let me show you few pictures of my own wedding stationery- and remember it was my very first time with papercraft! :) Sorry for the quality of the photos- there were made quickly just for myself to remember what I've done, never though I will publish them! :) There were few more stuff I've made myself but unfortunately can find any pictures :(

Our guest book, Star Wars Theme as my husband is huge fan :)

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Ho ho ho Merry Christmas!


How are you? Getting ready for Christmas? :) As it is December already I'm actually thinking of getting a christmas tree very, very soon! :) I love Christmas, seriously. There is no other time in a year when there is this magical home and family spirit :). Don't get me wrong I love my family and we are really good to each other but Christmas time is just special! :) And I'm counting days now as in less than 3 weeks I'm driving back HOME for Christmas! :) Can't wait! :)

And to get it this magical spirit...I would like to show you really nice, sparkling card. Simple, classy and really, really nice!

To make this card I've used white card base from Craft UK Ltd., which I've decorated with red glittery paper bought in Walmart back on my holiday in June. Then I've added beautiful green chequered paper from Galeria Papieru and little bit of beige paper from Trimcraft. Next I've decorated it with Christmas shed chipboard bought from small local craft shop back in Poland. And finally I finished it off with red ribbon from Hobbycraft and white stripe with christmas wishes.

Hope you like it! :)